Safety rules that we must follow when using forklifts.

The forklift is a tool used for material loading and unloading services and in the case of Casa Sauza we use it to move pallets with materials and products. Discover how we have achieved zero accidents in the handling of this equipment. What functions does the forklift operator have?The driver’s role in handling forklifts is […]

Renting or buying a forklift, which is better?

As a business grows and its technical needs multiply, the question arises of when it will be time to buy your own forklift and stop renting. Naturally, the decision will be tied to the demand of the equipment in question and the budget you have to invest in this concept. In this sense, a recommendation […]

Parts of a forklift.

Forklifts also known as industrial elevators are devices that help you in handling materials, loading heavy materials and transporting them more easily and quickly from one place to another. The components of a forklift are designed so that they can carry out specific jobs, such as moving loads vertically and horizontally. They have a lot […]

Why is it important to train forklift operators?

A forklift license is actually a certificate. The certificate indicates that the employee has been trained and evaluated by the employer to operate the forklift safely. It is required by OSHA (a British standard for occupational safety and health management), that the employer certify the training. Employers use the issuance of licenses to show that […]

Recognized makes and models of forklifts.

There are a variety of models on the market. Designed to lift and transport a wide range of loads, on and off the forks. With different options regarding the width and length of the pliersDifferent building materialsDifferent types of propulsion.With options for nylon wheels, rubber wheels and PU wheels.The parking brake can be chosen as […]

know in detail the forklift functions.

Do you need to lift, lower, and move loads with little or no manual effort? This is possible using a forklift. Learn about all the functions in detail of this heavy machinery equipment in this article. This equipment is a transport vehicle that can be used to move, tow, push, raise or lower different objects. […]

Everything you need to know about forklift maintenance.

Having a maintenance plan for your forklift should be one of the priorities in your business. In general, these equipment are subjected to long hours of work, so its good operation is of great importance to maintain productive operations, especially if your company depends on the movement of constant loads. No matter what types of […]

We tell you all the details you’d know about forklifts.

A forklift is a lifting equipment used to load and transport materials of great weight and size. Is capable of doing it thanks to its two nails of different lengths (depending on their use). Due to the various types of forklifts and applications, it can be used in any type of activity, Industry or commerce, […]