know the contribution that electric forklifts make for the benefit of the environment.

What they say

Electric forklifts, as their name indicates, don’t work with combustion, but are powered by a large lead battery that can last up to eight consecutive hours and without rest. They are very functional and preferred by many.

Electric forklifts can have many benefits in a wide variety of indoor applications, although you can also find models adapted for outdoor use that feature a pneumatic lift system. The most common use of this type of forklift is for warehouses, as they can reduce the costs of fuel occupied by combustion forklifts and can be loaded at intervals that can maximize the efficiency of operating shifts. They easily operate in tight spaces for narrow aisle stacking at better travel speeds. They are equipped with AC motors, SAS systems, are safe and productive, with a reduced height for easy access.

At a time when the problems derived from global warming are increasingly evident and complex, looking for “clean” energy solutions is an almost imperative issue of social responsibility.

Unlike combustion engines, which are made up of many parts such as pistons, connecting rod and crankshaft, such a rotor significantly reduces energy consumption. In addition to this, electric cars are designed for a longer useful life since all their parts work more efficiently and with less wear.

This leads to obtaining a more attractive look for the consumer and more friendly to the environment.

Electric forklift features:
-Optimal alternative to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.
-Very quiet operation.
-Less maintenance and reduced lifetime costs.
-It has fewer moving parts involved in operating a team.
-The battery lasts for five years or more, depending on the conditions and recommendations followed for charging and maintenance.
-Charging the battery overnight is usually inexpensive.
-Electric forklifts are usually compact and therefore the simplest and lightest maneuvers.
-Minor modifications to the mast at a high lift.
-High adaptability: various operation, incline, acceleration and speeds can be easily adapted to the operator’s functions.
-They are generally not suitable for outdoor use or where a high relative humidity number exists.

3 reasons why you should buy an electric forklift

1. Easy maintenance:
Traditional gasoline or diesel forklifts have more complex mechanisms and more components. Therefore, it needs preventive maintenance periodically to avoid failures or breakdowns.

However, it is very different with electric forklifts, which have fewer parts and simpler mechanisms. They only have a rotor that rotates inside a stator. Therefore, maintenance is easier and is done at more widely spaced intervals. This means more hours in operation and time savings that increase productivity.

2. Take care of the environment:
Electric forklifts contribute to the care of the environment, since they do not have an exhaust pipe, like combustion forklifts. In other words, they produce zero emissions. That’s why they don’t require special ventilation.

On the other hand, the non-generation of carbon emissions leads to a healthier workspace for operators, especially if they work in closed and confined spaces. An electric forklift is a good option in warehouses or spaces where products that can be damaged by contamination, such as food or medicine, are kept.

3. Less noises:
Nobody likes to work with high and annoying noises. In fact, quiet operations can lead to more efficient jobs due to better communication and concentration that allow for silence.

Electric forklifts produce a lower noise level than internal combustion trucks thanks to their own electrical system. The only sound they emit is that of the horns, useful for alerting nearby personnel and avoiding accidents.

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