Renting or buying a forklift, which is better?

What they say

As a business grows and its technical needs multiply, the question arises of when it will be time to buy your own forklift and stop renting. Naturally, the decision will be tied to the demand of the equipment in question and the budget you have to invest in this concept.

In this sense, a recommendation is to acquire new equipment to have the support of a guarantee in case something fails and to be able to verify the expense in your accounting. In addition, the purchase of new equipment can be done with a view to obtaining long-term service.

However, the truth is that the purchase of used forklifts also offers some advantages, such as being able to acquire them at a lower cost and gradually defining what are the functionalities that a machine of this nature must meet to meet the needs of your company . This type of purchase is a kind of “trial and error” that, in addition to temporarily providing the service you need, will save you money while you purchase new equipment and will serve as a tool for your workers in the learning process.

For companies that want to rent a forklift to handle goods there are mainly 6 benefits of renting a forklift, these are:

-Saving in investment: since it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money in the purchase of such equipment.
-New equipment: due to the high demand for this service, rental forklift models are renewed before they become obsolete.
-Excellent operation: rental equipment receives regular maintenance so that proper operation is guaranteed during the rental.
-Less maintenance expenses: normally when renting a forklift a maintenance schedule with preventive and corrective services is contemplated, this does not have a cost within the rent.
-Operators are always trained: if you do not have enough experience in handling and you want the work to be done in a timely manner, some companies may also include an operator in the forklift rental to carry out the work.
-Tax benefits: the rental cost is 100% tax deductible for your company.

No matter what your choice is, both possibilities have the following benefits in common:

1.Cheaper repairs: in the event of a breakdown, you will avoid being forced to account to the company that rents the machinery and will not have to assume excessive costs for the repair.

2.You’ll pay just enough for the maintenance of the machinery: when you rent a forklift, the leasing company bears the maintenance costs, to which it also allocates an extra percentage to obtain profits. On the contrary, if you own the equipment, the expenses for this concept are limited to the cost that your service provider handles, or if you have the knowledge to carry it out, the cost of the necessary materials and spare parts.

3.-You can save on the purchase of other equipment: renting a forklift will streamline many of the processes throughout the day, so that in addition to saving time and human labor, you can significantly reduce the cost of other equipment.

4-There will be no loss of time for repairs or maintenance:
In the event that the forklift suffers a malfunction or has to enter maintenance service, the company will not be left without being able to use the vehicle, since generally the companies that rent them deliver a substitute vehicle or change it for one that is in good condition. suitable for its operation.

If you have recently identified the need to invest in a forklift and you do not know which equipment to choose, at E-forklift we can help you, we are specialists in everything related to this topic. Contact us and receive personalized advice.