know in detail the forklift functions.

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Do you need to lift, lower, and move loads with little or no manual effort? This is possible using a forklift. Learn about all the functions in detail of this heavy machinery equipment in this article.

This equipment is a transport vehicle that can be used to move, tow, push, raise or lower different objects. Forklifts are normally used in businesses and industries, they are easy and practical to use, they lift loads that humans cannot by themselves. The load it supports is balanced by a center of gravity, which rocks in all directions and thus determines its stability.

The primary function of a forklift is to lift, lower, and move loads with little or no manual effort. This is possible by using a mast on the front of a forklift.

It is defined as a mobile counterweight equipment, since the load it handles is outside the distance between its axes. Counterbalanced forklifts are based on the principles of balance and stability. The balance point is located on the centerline of the drive shaft.

The forklift has two flat parallel bars on its front that are inserted into the pallet (under the load), called “forks” (sometimes colloquially also “nails”), mounted on a support that slides vertically down a mast with which the lifting and lowering movement of the load is achieved. The separation between forks is variable to adapt to different measures of pallets or loads; the fork support has a slight lateral displacement (to the right and left) to carry out maneuvers to approach the pallet or to center the nails with the load.

The rear wheels of the forklift trucks are steerable (steered) with a large steering angle to facilitate maneuverability in tight spaces. Usually the front wheels are the driving or propelling; 4×4 versions are also available for use outdoors or on construction sites.

The lifting of the forks, as well as the inclination of the mast and other movements are carried out through hydraulic pistons that are part of an oil-hydraulic system activated by a pump that is supplied with energy by the same motor used for the movement in those of thermal motor and generally by a separate motor in the case of the electrical ones.

It is for rough and industrial use, and is used in warehouses, manufacturing complexes, logistics centers and self-service stores to transport and support pallets or pallets with merchandise and place them on shelves or racks and carry out loading and unloading of trucks or containers.

It supports heavy loads that no group of people could support on its own, and saves hours of work by moving a considerable weight at one time instead of dividing the contents of the pallets into parts or sections. Its use requires some training and the governments of different countries require businesses that their employees process special licenses for their operation. They also require special puncture-proof tires.

Forklift safety features:
It is very important to know how to use it, although it is easy, it is dangerous, and because it is large and heavy, it is very easy to tip over; That is why, we must be careful with the speed that is driven, as well as be careful with the pedestrians around, since in shops, it is very common for people to walk near the vehicle without being careful. A forklift has the guide wheels at the rear. The rear of the forklift rotates in a circle around the front wheels that support the majority of the load.

The rear steering of a forklift makes it difficult to brake quickly or turn a forklift and still maintain control. So it is important not to drive too fast or turn sharp corners.

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